With just a few exceptions, the erection of any building will require approval by the respective building authorities. This requirement for approval also includes biogas plants that are erected for the purpose of generating electrical and thermal energy or the processing of gas. All relevant implications and backgrounds will be verified in the course of the approval procedures, which among others include:

  • Origin of and requirements on the feedstock
  • Information regarding gas utilization
  • Proof of fermentation residue storage capacity
  • Information regarding emissions and immissions caused by the plant
  • Notation regarding compliance with requirements of the water economy
picture side view biogas plant

Assistance by a specialized planner will be indispensable on account the manifold and comprehensive requirements, which a building application will have to comply with.
We would like to share our expertise with you and support you during the entire approval proceedings:

  • Execution of appointments at the plant location
  • Digital recording of the estate profile as planning basis adapted to the specific location
  • Preplanning of the location of the biogas plant in accordance with the stipulations of the building legislation
  • Integration of the planned biogas plant into agricultural processes
  • Appointments with authorities for the presentation of the plant planning and adjustment with the individual specialist authorities
  • Preparation of application documents incl. calculations, explanations and construction drawings, usually in 8-fold
  • Accompanying of the approval proceedings up to the ultimate decision taken by the authorities
  • Arrangement of legal assistance in case that resistance is encountered during approval proceedings and for ambiguous legal situations



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