Reference plant KWA Bioenergie Windischbuch GmbH und Co. KG

State Institute for Pig Breeding, D-97944 Boxberg - Windischbuch

picture Windischbuch biogas plant

A state-of-the-art biogas plant with an electrical power output of 370 kW was built on behalf of KWA Bioenergie Windischbuch GmbH und Co. KG at the Baden-Württemberg State Institute for Pig Breeding in Windischbuch. Renewable raw materials are used in addition to liquid pig manure (a residue of the test station), supplied by the farmers who participate in the company. A major share of the waste heat of the biogas plant is delivered to the research institute. The operator company guarantees the complete supply of heat to the test site through a heat supply contract. The gas burner of the heat supply features a dual-fuel burner specifically designed for biogas and serves as emergency flare stack.

Digester: 1,527 m3
Post-fermentation store: 2,281 m3
Substrate store: 2 x 1,885 m3
Combined heating and power plant: MDE gas motor CHP with sound-absorbing hood, 370 kWel
Solids feed: Strautmann Bio-Mix 4000 Double with weighing system
Plant control system: Siemens with visualization and data storage
Gas analysis: Pronova SSM 6000-4
Feedstock: liquid pig manure, corn silage, grass silage and cereal GP

picture intermediate building
Intermediate building
picture solids feed
Solids feed
picture service pedestal
Service pedestal




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