Proper dosing of solids!

The choice of solids feed technology depends on the type of substrate blending and the daily receiver capacity required. Longevity, low energy demand and the possibility of weighing are important criteria when it comes to the selection of the solids feed technology.  
The following solids feed systems are available from us:

Solid feed

Novatech, Nova-Feed Combi
Receiver capacity: 40 – 60 m³

picture nova-feed combi
Nova-feed combi
picture detail 1
Detail 1
picture detail 2
Detail 2

Novatech, Nova-Feed Combi Double

Receiver capacity: 80 – 100 m³

picture nova-feed combi double
Nova-feed combi double


Novatech, Nova-Feed Maxi
Receiver capacity: 25 – 35 m³

picture nova-feed maxi
Nova-feed maxi

Novatech, Nova-Feed Mini
Receiver capacity: 7.5 – 17.5 m³

picture nova-feed mini
Nova-feed mini



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