Invest in the future:

In the form of electricity and heat from biogas.

Biogas is one of the most important regenerative energy carriers of the future. Largely independent of spontaneous natural conditions, such as e.g. sun or wind, the production of electricity from biogas is an indispensable source for our future mix of energy. In addition, biogas will also play an essential role as fuel for the future.

Thanks to its many ecologic and economic advantages, the biogas technology is extremely interesting. It serves as a dependable economic pillar for agriculture, as a means for independent and at the same time environmentally compatible energy generation for communities, residential areas or industrial estates.

For more than 25 years, Novatech has been a dependable partner for the construction of biogas plants for the generation of electricity or heat. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We’d love to convince you!


What is biogas?

Biogas is a gas mixture out mainly methane, carbon dioxide and steam. Furthermore biogas contains traces of nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, sulfur hydrogen and ammonia. It results from the microbial reduction of organic substances for a biogas plant under air degree in the fermenting containers.

A "natural biogas" arises also in nature in many processes. It is described as fermentation gas and becomes primarily in marsh areas, formed in stationary waters or paddy-fields flooded. It is there in, special the rule not utilized collectedly and energetically escapes into the atmosphere.

Component Formula Share Size
Methane CH4 45 - 70 %
Carbon dioxide CO2 25 - 55 %
Steam H2O 0 - 10 %
Nitrogen N2 0,01 - 5 %
Oxygen O2 0,01 - 2 %
Hydrogen H2 0 - 1 %
Ammonia NH3 0,01 - 2,5 mg/m3
Sulfur hydrogen H2S 10 - 10.000 mg/m3

The energy contents of biogas are directly dependent on the methane content and  fluctuates between 4.5 to 7.0 kWh/m³. Biogas can therefore be used as a high-quality source of energy in the current and warmth production like also natural gas.

As use substance for the bio gas-production, in principle, all types come from bio masses in question whose main components are carbohydrates, proteins, greases, cellulose and Hemicellulose. Merely ligninhaltige substances (woods) cannot be used.


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