The sun is a virtually inexhaustible source of energy. During one single hour, the sun radiates more energy onto the earth than the entire population of the world requires in a whole year. Photovoltaic modules use efficient systems to generate electricity, which is fed into the public mains. The Renewable Energies Act (EEG) guarantees that during the next 20 years electricity generated from renewable energies may be fed into the public mains in Germany.

Our photovoltaic systems are equipped with top-grade components. The plants we offer require little maintenance, guarantee a reliable operation and a long service life.

Novatech GmbH possesses 20 years of experience in the utilization of photovoltaics.
Novatech has already realized more than 2,000 photovoltaic plants with more than 60,000 kW (peak) in numerous projects under the most different conditions.








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