Novatech GmbH was founded in 1985 by Dipl.-Ing. Gottfried Gronbach. With its two business segments biogas and photovoltaics, Novatech has become a synonym for the generation of environmentally compatible energy through innovative technologies. Our performance portfolio comprises the planning and construction / assembly of biogas and photovoltaic plants worldwide.

Providing comprehensive consultation to our clients is also one of our focal activities: we support you with our know-how regarding the procurement of funding and credits, data monitoring, yield evaluation, and plant maintenance.

Absolute customer orientation and many years of experience combined with solid economic actions make us a dependable and highly productive partner. Environmental protection that pays off – for more than 25 years now!

What began as a micro company in 1987 has meanwhile grown into a medium-sized enterprise with nearly 90 employees. Whether biogas or photovoltaics – the essential stages during our development were:

1987-1989 Comprehensive research on biogas with the support of the Federal Department for Economics and Technology
1990 The first biogas plant is commissioned
1992 Installation of the first photovoltaic plant
1996 Realization of a communal biogas plant for the Wolpertshausen community
1998 Departing from the communal biogas plant of the community – start of construction of the local heating network for the residential area and industrial estate in Wolpertshausen. Start of construction of the Wolpertshausen ecological park
2000 Planning and construction of the first biogas plant abroad, a demonstrator plant for South Korea
2002 Doubling of office space at the Vellberg site
2003 Novatech installs photovoltaic plants with an output power of 1,000 kW (peak)
2004 Expansion of the range and marketing of biogas plants. Expansion of the photovoltaic range by initiating a roof lease exchange market, the first communal photovoltaic plant is commissioned
2005 Novatech expands. The new office building is constructed about 200 meters from the ecological park in Wolpertshausen Novatech installs photovoltaic plants with a total output power of 3,000 kW (peak)
2006 Move to the new office building with connection to the local biogas heating network. Novatech installs photovoltaic plants with a total output power of 15,000 kW (peak). Expansion of the local heating network in Wolpertshausen
2007 Expansion of the local heating network in Wolpertshausen
  Construction of the reference biogas plant at the regional office for pig breeding in Boxberg/ Germany with a considerable optimized heat concept
2008 Completion of the open-air photovoltaic plant "Solarpark Krauß-Novatech GmbH & Co. KG” in Rosengarten-Sanzenbach with a total output power of 1.28 MWp
  Completion of the largest and most modern research facility biogas plant at the experimental station Unterer Lindenhof, 72800 Eningen u.A. /Germany at the University of Hohenheim
2009 Completion of the 12. communal photovoltaic plant. Novatech installs photovoltaic plants with output power of more than 30 MW (peak), of this more than 11 MW (peak) in 2009
  Construction of the reference plant "Klemens" in 73635 Rudersberg/ Germany - a modern small biogas plant with initially 60 kWel
  Start of operation of the standard reference plant "Woldmann" in 19303 Vielank/ Germany
  "Country supplies City" – Start of construction of the biogas plant Reber. A cooperation of the farmer Michael Reber, the power provider Stadtwerke Schwäbisch Hall and Novatech. Specific feature: 7 km biogas pipeline with a satellite CHP
2010 Completion of the 8. open-air photovoltaic plant
  Construction of a solar carport for approx. 100 employee parking spaces
  "Country supplies city" - dedication of the regionally unique biogas projekt (Biogas plant Reber in Schwäbisch Hall-Gailenkirchen) with connection to the several kilometers long microgas network
  Construction and start of operation of over 40 biogas plants nationwide plus one biogas plant with 100 kWel in France (Brittany)
2011 Installation of the open-air photovoltaic plan “Solarpark Haida GmbH & Co. KG” and “Solarpark Apenburg GmbH & Co. KG” with a total output power of 6,619.48 kWp
  Completition of some communal photovoltaic plants with total output power of round about 500.00 kWp



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