Reference plant of the Hohenheim University

Test station Unterer Lindenhof, D-72800 Eningen unter Achalm

Picture biogas plant Hohenheim University

At the Hohenheim University, biogas research has a tradition of several decades. In order to expand research activities, particularly regarding the practical operation of biogas plants, Germany’s most advanced research facility was built up at the test station Unterer Lindenhof.
Different modes may be operated and analyzed in parallel in the two digesters. The biogas plant is furthermore equipped with alternative components for identical applications to allow for their testing with the focus on efficiency and service life. The newly developed complex plant control system records and documents all data measured at the research facility. The plant may also be controlled and monitored from the campus of the Hohenheim University by means of remote access.

Digester 1: 924 m3
Digester 2: 924 m3
Post-fermentation store: 924 m3
Combined heating and power plant: MDE gas motor CHP, 190 kWel
Solids feed 1: Strautmann Bio-Mix 2000 Double with weighing system, 20.0 m3
Solids feed 2: A & P ECO - Line VM 20 with weighing system, 20.0 m3
Liquid feed: Weda liquid feed facility, 1.0 m3
Stirrer 1: Streisal Biobull
Stirrer 2: Rema rod stirrer
Stirrers 3, 4: Flygt submersible motor-type stirrer
Plant control system: AVAT Automation
Gas analysis: Union Apparatebau, InCa Bio 04