Liquid media will have to be conveyed in nearly all biogas plants. Dependent on the pumping distance, the type of medium (liquid manure, water, percolating juices, etc.), the quantity and the pumping interval, different types of pumps will be used.

Due to the considerable number of different pump types that are commercially available, we have limited the following list to our standard pumps

Positive-displacement pumps:

Eccentric screw pump, Wangen
power rating: 4.0 - 9.0 kW, 20.0 - 60.0 m³/h
designation: KL-S
areas of application: substrate feed digester, recirculation (interval)

picture view 1 èccentric screw pump
View 1 èccentric screw pump
picture view 2 èccentric screw pump
View 2 èccentric screw pump

Centrifugal pumps

Long shaft pumps, F&F Agrartechnik
power rating: 3.0 – 22.0 kW
designation: UEP, OEP
type: suction at the top / bottom
areas of application: collection pits and open substrate stores

picture type OEP
Type OEP
picture type UEP
Type UEP

Storage-jar filling pump

Immersed pump, Flyght
power rating: 18.0 – 22.0 kW, arround 200 m³/h
location: obstructed in the container
areas of application: filling from fermenting reststorrage

picture immersed pump
Immersed pump
picture storrage-jar gallow
Storrage-jar gallow

Rotary low pump, Vogelsang

power rating: 22.0 - 45.0 kW, 200 – 500 m³/h
location: in the technology building next to container
type: suction at the top / bottom
areas of application: Storrage-jar filling from one or several containers

picture detail rotary low pump
Detail rotary low pump
picture rotary low pump
Rotary low pump
picture storrage-jar gallow
Storrage-jar gallow



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